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Nursing Mini-Sessions!!!

Last year’s Nursing Mini-Sessions were such a hit, we’re making them an annual affair!  If you have a breastfeeding little one and you’d like some tender and beautiful images of this bonding time between you and your baby, have a look at the details below and give us a call to book!

What:  Nursing Mini-Sessions

Who: you and your nursing little one

When:  Saturday, August 9th at 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30

Where:  City Park, where we’ll have three different set-ups to choose from and you can nurse in the most comfortable and natural position for you and your little one

What to wear:  solid colors (and obviously, a top that’s easy to nurse in!)

The mini-session fee of $250 includes a $200 credit towards a wall print or gift print package, a 25-minute mini-session, a pre-session phone consultation, and an in-studio ordering appointment within 2 weeks of your mini-session!

Give us a call now — we can’t wait to see you!  🙂

nursing mini 1

nursing mini 2

nursing mini 3

nursing mini 4

nursing mini 5

nursing mini 6

nursing mini 7

nursing mini 8


nursing mini-sessions…{New Orleans nursing mini-sessions}

Our Nursing Mini-Sessions with Nola Nesting at Zuka Baby were a HUGE hit!   I’ve gotten a lot of messages from moms who were bummed they weren’t able to make it.  I am ALWAYS happy to add some nursing shots to your regular session.  If you’re a nursing mama, I really admire your commitment to breastfeeding your baby — I know it isn’t always easy or convenient, and I applaud you for doing it!  It’s such a HUGE part of your baby’s childhood, and I think it deserves to be professionally photographed as much as any milestone.  You are giving your baby something no one else can, and bonding in the process.  I absolutely love images of this unique time — your child looking up at you while he nurses, or smiling and laughing with a mouth full! — this time won’t last forever, and I know you will love looking back and remembering through these photographs.  And they will be such cherished images for your baby when he or she is grown one day!

And for visitors to the blog:  if you’re not comfortable viewing breastfeeding, this is not the post for you! 🙂























If you’d like some beautiful images of you breastfeeding your little one added on to your regular baby session, please call or email us to get on our schedule!  This is a busy time of year and we’re booked up about a month in advance, so call now!  🙂