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Spring Mini-Sessions with ducklings and baby bunnies!!! {New Orleans children’s photographer}

Spring Mini-Sessions are here!!!  We’ll have ducklings as we always do, and this year our other baby animals will be baby dwarf bunnies.  They are SO TINY and ADORABLE!!!  If you’ve got a kiddo 3 years or older who loves animals, this is the mini-session for you!

WHO: Kiddos 3 years old & up (must be able to follow directions about holding the animals)

WHEN: the afternoon of Saturday, April 5th (contact us for the still-available time slots)

WHERE: New Orleans (location TBA)

WHAT’S INCLUDED:  the $150 mini-session fee includes a 20-minute mini-session for up to 2 children (contact us if you have more than 2 who would like to participate!), a gallery of 10-15 images to choose from at your ordering appointment in the studio, and a $50 credit towards a wall print or gift print package

We only have a couple of openings left because a few clients have booked their minis already — so let us know if you’d like to grab one of the last spots!  Call us at 504.421.4130 or email to reserve your mini.  We can’t wait to photograph your babies playing with our furred and feathered babies!! 🙂

preview5\ preview6



only a couple of sno-ball minis left!!! {New Orleans mini-session photographer}

We’ve only got a couple of Sno-Ball Mini-Sessions left!  Send Olivia an email at to book yours today!


Introducing Summer Sno-Ball Mini-Sessions!!! {New Orleans mini-session photographer}


Introducing Summer Sno-Ball Mini-Sessions at Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography!  I am so excited about these — sno-balls are a New Orleans tradition, and every NOLA kiddo needs a great photo enjoying her favorite flavor!  We want them in all their summer glory:  wild post-swimming hair, crazy whatever-they-want outfits… just your kids.  Being themselves.  Here’s how it works:

WHO: your kiddos or whole family (up to 5 people)
WHEN: anytime during the month of July
WHERE: your family’s favorite sno-ball stand
INCLUDES: 20-minute mini-session, 10-12 images to choose from at your in-person ordering appointment at the studio, and a $50 credit to apply towards a wall print or a gift print package
HOW TO RESERVE: call Olivia’s cell at 601.297.1793 or email the studio at

Sno-Ball Mini-Sessions are only $99! We will only be taking 6 of these minis, so contact us ASAP to schedule your trip to the sno-ball stand for a cool treat and fabulous pictures!

a couple more holiday minis!!! {New Orleans children’s photographer}

A couple more mini-sessions from Saturday!!!

French Quarter Minis!!! {New Orleans mini-session photographer}

Some fabulous shots from my French Quarter Holiday Mini-Sessions Saturday…LOVE all these clients!  They are such great families, and such easy babies to work with.  Not to mention gorgeous, each one of them, which makes my job a breeze! 🙂

jake, syd & hannah banana… {New Orleans children’s photographer}

We headed down to the Quarter on a Saturday morning to take these pictures for holiday cards, with the kids’ great-grandmother’s gorgeous frame.  Jake, Sydney, and Hannah are some of the most entertaining, sweetest (when they want to be!), funniest, cheekiest kids on the planet, and I LOVE them!  You can see from their pictures that they’re quite sassy.  Syd was temporarily upset that I wouldn’t take her to a Level One Trauma Center for her mosquito bite that she picked at, making it “bleed,” and Jake was so sweet to her while he comforted her about it.  Hannah is in a hysterical stage where she tries to imitate EVERYTHING her big brother and big sister are doing, down to their exact postures.  It’s so funny to see in these photos!  We finished the shoot with ice cream and Halloween jokes.  LOVE YOU, CRAZY KIDDOS!  Kisses, Aunt Livy

And below, Sydney on death’s door…and Hannah standing with her hands in her pockets because she sees Jake doing it…

Seconds later…Syd has forgotten her life-threatening injury and Hannah is now sitting with her arms crossed, like her big brother…

more minis…{New Orleans mini-session photographer}

Here are a couple more holiday minis from last weekend… the L Family and the D Family.  This picture of the L family is THE epitome of each member’s personality: laid-back Mom and Dad, mischievous-toddler JB, too-grown-up-for-these-antics Ella, and 90-miles-an-hour Sylvia.  LOVE!


And here we have the D Family, who were fresh back from the state fair.  Toddler Berrian had a toy plane that didn’t survive the session, but he didn’t seem to care if it was broken as long as he was holding it!

“There’s a circle on your shirt, Daddy…”

another mini…{New Orleans baby photographer}

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some Bennett Blair!!!!!  She’s such an AWESOME kid, and SO SMART!!!  She has just turned two, actually this day was her birthday, and she was working on being able to hold up 2 fingers to show people how old she is now.  After telling her ONCE that my name was “Livy” (it’s what my family and friends call me, and so much easier for a kid to pronounce than “Olivia”!) she remembered it for the rest of her mini-session, saying, “Come on, Miss Wivy, wess go fine some cows!” (Let’s go find some cows, for those of you who don’t read toddler.)  We were in a pecan orchard, but Bennett Blair was determined that there were some cows just around the corner, and she was too absolutely sweet and adorable for me to break it to her that there was not a bovine in sight.  (Instead I told her they were already in bed for the night.)  She has the most cherubic little grin, and I loved every minute with her!!!