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3 sisters…{New Orleans portrait photographer}

Grace, Isabel and Caroline are triplets, and they are quite the trio.  They are so funny, and each so very different.  It was FREEZING on this day, but they’re so busy we didn’t want to move the session date — so we literally had the car pulled up to where we were shooting, and while I did individual shots I made the other two sit in the heated car!  I knew noses would start getting red and eyes would be watering after too long, so we moved quickly and the girls cooperated beautifully.  They got a little hyped up (as 3 pre-teens usually do) and it was SO FUNNY when Grace, who is always in charge, got her sisters in line by saying, “Be a first-time listener!” while I was arranging them in poses.  That was the first time I’d ever heard that, and it’s PERFECT!  Their mom says they hear it at school. 🙂  Brilliant!










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