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the power of imagination…{New Orleans family photographer}

power of imagination

It’s really true.  As adults, we can really get bogged down in the everyday routine.  But the stuff that kids come up with… it’s why I never get tired of working with them.  Yesterday I got to go to Santa’s Secret Workshop with a great friend and her 3 great kiddos, and watching them get so excited made me re-think rolling my eyes about the elf actors with the fake British accents (not sure why they had them, maybe they thought it sounded exotic?).  Watching Ingrid giggle with her eyes all crinkled up, or Leo brave his Santa-phobia (“I don’t want to see Santa because I cried last time”) to realize he really DID like chatting with him and his “loooooong beard”… watching them both, unprompted, make sure to get their baby brother Noam a candy cane from Santa because Noam didn’t want to get too close… well, it was the best.  It got me over the hump of being glued to my work at this time of year and into the real Christmas spirit.  I mean, I went to the North Pole yesterday!!!

I think I’ll work on being more like a kid in 2014.

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