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newborn ava… {New Orleans newborn photographer}

Little Ava looks JUST like her big sister Isabella, but was much calmer for her newborn session than her sister was a little over a year ago. 🙂  She’s SOOOO sweet and lovable, and I adore her family.  Isa is busy taking care of her baby, and is still mastering the art of giving her sister the paci — which she’s really good at for less than a year and a half old!  Isa still has her own paci, and we had a moment when we were getting pictures of both girls together when Ava was screaming and Isa was NOT wanting to sit with her for more than 5 seconds at a time.  So we tried giving Isa something to do: giving Ava the paci.  But Ava wouldn’t take it and Isa was just so conflicted, knowing that it wasn’t her paci but really wanting to put it in her own mouth anyway.  She resisted the temptation, amazingly — that’s some serious self-restraint for a toddler!!!  Isa has been a total daddy’s girl until Ava came along, but now that Ava is here she wants Mama ALL the time.  Luckily Ava is so laid back she doesn’t seem to mind!!!







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