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newborn abby jean…{New Orleans newborn photographer}

Miss Abby Jean is a tiny little beauty, and has a four-legged, furry sister who is not quite sure about her.  Big sister Edie is VERY protective of the baby — it took a full five minutes of my petting, her sniffing, Dad soothing, and more sniffing of me for Edie to decide that it was ok that I was entering her house.  From then on out, through the next 3 hours, each time I entered the room wherever the baby was, Edie barked and let me know she was watching me.  The funny part was that Edie wasn’t actually sure how she felt about Abby Jean yet.  Babies can be smelly, loud, and they need a lot of attention from their parents — and Edie just didn’t quite know how to feel about that yet!  It was hilarious.  Check out the last picture:  we laid Abby Jean down in front of Edie (while Dad sternly told Edit to “stay”), and AJ started the “newborn squall,” as I call it — and Edie is looking at her like some kind of alien has been placed in front of her and she’s not allowed to move away.  It’s HILARIOUS!  Anyway, Abby Jean has SO much personality already, I can’t wait to see her at her 4 month session!!!








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