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daniel & dylan…{New Orleans children’s photographer}

I got to spend the morning building spaceships out of cardboard boxes with these guys — and as a HUGE fan of playing with plain boxes and building WORLDS out of them with some markers, duct tape and, most importantly, imagination, I was pumped to photograph them!!!  Big brother Daniel and little Dylan played so well together, occasionally working together and occasionally breaking off to do their own things.  I thought it was great to have such a laid-back, lazy-summer-morning session with the boys keeping themselves occupied with only their own imaginations.  They’re so unique, yet little Dylan is at the age where he copies EVERYTHING his big brother does.  It’s adorable!!!  I loved spending my morning with them.


“Let me show you how to do that…”


And then, “Ummm, I don’t think you’re right about that…”


Look at those feet!!!  And those PERFECT curls!!!





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