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newborn luke…{New Orleans newborn photographer}

I got to photograph sweet little Luke’s birth a few weeks ago, and we did his newborn session at one week old.  His mama labored a long time with him, and we were all so excited when he finally arrived!  He’s SO sweet, and eating a TON, and when he got fussy at his session only Grandma could calm him back down (unless Mama was nursing, of course!).  We got some beautiful nursing shots as well at this session.  His older sisters are hilarious, and one of them wrote in her journal “HE IS BORN!!!  HIS NAME IS LUKE OLIVER!”  (Her journal was open to that page, we didn’t snoop!)  It was so reminiscent of Gabriel’s heralding of the baby Jesus, it made me laugh out loud!  I was so happy to meet you, Luke, and I’m so glad I’ll get to photograph you growing up!






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