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our first sno-ball mini with ingrid, leo and noam!!! {New Orleans photographer]

LOVED. THIS. MINI-SESSION.  Loved it!!!  This family’s favorite sno-ball stand is Hansen’s on Tchoupitoulas.  And I gotta say, the cardamom-vanilla flavor is AMAZING.  Baby Noam was the star, which was perfectly appropriate since he is a Sno-Ball Vacuum.  Seriously, he finished his and then cleaned up the last melted inch left in everyone else’s cups.  I love his wild-man summer hair and how seriously he went after his sno-ball (wouldn’t let anyone else touch his cup or even his body while he ate!  He shrugged off his sister’s arm around his shoulder!).  His older brother Leo is really into long sleeves and pants in this triple-digit weather, and always dresses himself in those clothes like he doesn’t even feel the heat.  He wore a tie today because Ingrid had a bow on her shirt, and he felt he needed some lagniappe for his outfit, too.  (God, I love kids!!!)  Miss Ingrid has a space left where she’s lost bottom teeth that PERFECTLY fits a straw.  How convenient is that?!  I love these kiddos, and these pictures.  Call me at 601.297.1793 to schedule your kids’ mini-session during the month of July today!!!






Green tongue from a mint sno-ball!!!








Full belly = happy baby!!!


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