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baby james is one year old!!! {New Orleans baby photographer}

Little James is already one year old, amazingly, another of my First Year babies who’s hitting that 12-month milestone.  He LOVES his mama and did NOT want to be put down — each time we tried to get a shot of him alone, he screamed like we were stringing him up by his toes.  Mom was a little worried that we didn’t get anything, but I knew we did… and actually, these mother-and-baby shots are some of my favorites ever.  Just perfect shots of a mama playing with her son on a beautiful spring evening in New Orleans.  I love the series of them laying down in the grass talking to each other.  And if you look REALLY closely, you can see a few strands of hair on James’ sweet little nearly-bald head that are trying to be curls!  He’s going to have a head full of curly hair by his 18-month session, I predict…








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