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max’s first birthday…{New Orleans event photographer}

Sweet little Max is the baby brother of one of my favorite kiddos ever, Kai (who’s also pictured below).  This is the first time I’ve gotten to photograph Max, and he is just as adorable!  His mama is a party-planning queen, having his first party at the City Park Carousel, and making everything gorgeous even though the Park only gave her 30 minutes prep time (they were supposed to have an hour, but of course the people with the key showed up late).  As always with her parties, there was plenty of entertainment for the adults and kiddos alike, with face-painting and a magic show.  They are such a sweet, lovely family that I always look forward to working with them.  Natasha had planned a combination baby dedication as well, so while the kids watched the magic show, some of Max’s near and dear grown-ups stood up and spoke a few words about him and what they wished for his future.  It was absolutely lovely.  Happy Birthday, little Max!!!  You are so special, and so are the people who love you!!!













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