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nj at 8 months…{New Orleans baby photographer}

Little NJ is already 8 months old, another Baby’s First Year baby that’s growing WAYYYYY too fast.  He’s gorgeous, and happy, and giggly, and crazy, and funny…and I LOVE how he scrunches up his nose when something is especially hilarious!  My favorite thing to shoot babies in at this age is just a diaper, because they’ll never quite look like babies again after this stage.  Just look at his rolls and dimples!  They start slimming down so quickly once they’re mobile, and once they start losing the baby chunk, they start looking like big boys and girls.  This is my favorite age during the first year, and I think that’s part of the reason why — it’s the start of the end of babyhood, the last chance to capture them as they looked when they were your sweet babies, before they become your wild toddlers!  Cherish that first year…it goes by SO FAST!!!






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