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newborn alani…{New Orleans newborn photographer}

Little Alani is the tiniest newborn I have ever photographed, weighing in at a mini 4-and-a-half pounds.  She’s perfect and went home right away — her mama is teensy (I actually predicted Alani would be a nitty little nugget in her mom’s maternity session preview post) and her big brother, who isn’t small at all now, was also that weight when he was born.  She’s just a teensy little thing; she eats and then goes right back to sleep, making my job easy as can be.  She’s got lots of peeling newborn skin, perfectly plump lips, and long, loooong lashes.  I absolutely loved cuddling her, I didn’t want to put her down to pose her for pictures!  Everyone else at her house is equally in love with her, especially her big brother Akeem, who was so sweet holding her that it took my breath away!

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