fine art maternity, birth, newborn, baby, child and family photography

waiting for baby boy…{New Orleans newborn photographer}

Sweet mama Rona is waiting for her son to arrive, and you can see from these pictures, he will have a BIG big brother!  She wasn’t going to let him out because he’s still a puppy and therefore quite rambunctious…but since I’ve got a 95 pound Great Dane mix puppy myself, I knew I could handle this guy! 🙂  He behaved pretty well anyway without me doing any of my Dog Whisperer TV show tricks, because he had gotten into a lot of trouble earlier that day by getting out of his crate, getting the new 4-foot-tall stuffed giraffe that Grandma had bought for the nursery, and proceeding to tear into it WHILE lying on Mom’s bed where he’s NOT allowed to be.  So glad those chewing-and-destruction days are over at my house!  But I have absolutely no doubt that he will be so very protective and sweet with his little brother that’s arriving soon!

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