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dax at 4 months…{New Orleans baby photographer}

Sweet Dax is already 4 months old!!!  He has more hair than I did at 2 years old…seriously, RINGLETS!  He is the sweetest, happiest baby, nothing but coos and giggles and big huge grins.  I’ve been so lucky to be there to take pictures of him in his mama’s belly and as a newborn, and I also had the honor of photographing his birth.  I LOVE that I get to watch him grow! He’s an amazing little man.  His mama and I were just loving on him and I told her, “You know, there’s nothing more therapeutic than a baby smiling hugely and reaching for you.  And he smiles every time he even hears your voice.  He’s the best therapy ever!”  She agreed, of course!  He and his fabulous and crazy cousin Kenzie are coming to my Halloween event at the studio on Wednesday, and I can’t wait to see them in their costumes!

I really love to suck on my arm now, it’s my favorite thing to do!

I’m also so proud of my drool!

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