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a maternity session on the farm! {New Orleans maternity photographer}

This maternity sessions was so fun!!!  This couple owns a business that has nothing to do with livestock — Mama Antoinette just loves animals! 🙂  The foal in these pictures is the baby of the horse that Antoinette took her senior portraits with…she passed away not too long ago.  I think it’s very fitting that we took her maternity pictures with the next generation, especially since this little foal will be Baby Girl’s horse!  You’ll also notice goats, dogs, more horses, bottle-fed calves, bunnies, chickens, and longhorns…I had so much fun out there!!!  Obviously Nette and I are kindred spirits — I could have hung out just watching all her animals for hours.  The best was when we were in with the longhorns, and I was completely immersed in taking photos, when I felt a huge gust of warm air on my arm and shoulder, accompanied by a “humphhhh”… I turned my head and one of the cows was sniffing me!  Up close, those heads are ENORMOUS!!!  She was just checking to see if I had any snacks to offer.  Nette, I had so much fun, and I can’t wait to get the call that you’ve gone into labor in a few weeks.  So exciting!! 🙂

The first babies…

Look what comes running when you holler, “Come on, girls!!!”  (Sounds like thunder!)

I think this goes without saying…!

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