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another mini…{New Orleans baby photographer}

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some Bennett Blair!!!!!  She’s such an AWESOME kid, and SO SMART!!!  She has just turned two, actually this day was her birthday, and she was working on being able to hold up 2 fingers to show people how old she is now.  After telling her ONCE that my name was “Livy” (it’s what my family and friends call me, and so much easier for a kid to pronounce than “Olivia”!) she remembered it for the rest of her mini-session, saying, “Come on, Miss Wivy, wess go fine some cows!” (Let’s go find some cows, for those of you who don’t read toddler.)  We were in a pecan orchard, but Bennett Blair was determined that there were some cows just around the corner, and she was too absolutely sweet and adorable for me to break it to her that there was not a bovine in sight.  (Instead I told her they were already in bed for the night.)  She has the most cherubic little grin, and I loved every minute with her!!!

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