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waiting for the first…{New Orleans maternity photographer}

This little mama is so tiny (I’m kinda short, and she’s even teenier than me!), and it’s usually a little rough on teeny mamas towards the end of their pregnancies… there’s just no room to fit any more baby by the last month!  Jamie and I had scheduled her maternity session for the day after Isaac arrived, so we had to reschedule it for exactly a week later.  Even though she was starting to get a bit uncomfy by then, she still looked great and we got some beautiful images!  Baby boy or girl in her belly was moving around, and I got to feel a foot that was up against the top of mama’s belly while she was lying down on the bed.  It amazes me each time, that the woman in front of me is actually growing a whole, complete human being inside of her…in only nine months, no less!  I mean, how cool is that?!  I’m excited to see who is going to arrive…and what her name will be if it’s a girl!  (Baby boy’s name is already decided.)  Jamie, you look lovely, and I can’t wait to meet Baby…so soon! 🙂

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