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gorgeous wall art in unexpected spaces…{New Orleans children’s photographer}

I’m so impressed by this arrangement, which I immediately pinned on my Pinterest “Amazing Displays” gallery via my custom framer’s pin in their “Get Framed” gallery.  It’s beautiful!  The little girl’s portrait is a custom size, probably around 20″x48″.  I LOVE how they and their photographer shot for this particular space, which most people would think challenging to fill, and therefore leave empty.  Imagine the difference in impact of this stairway’s gallery if there were only blank wall there!  THAT is what custom photography and framing are about — a photographer, client and framer working together to create a gorgeous piece of wall art that makes you feel emotion each time you see it — in this case, JOY! 🙂  If you have a challenging space to fill, I would love to work with you.  That’s part of why your pre-session consultation is such an important part of my planning process for your particular session.

And just a reminder, I am currently booking for holiday mini-sessions in October!  Any session, a mini-session or a full session, for which you plan to order Christmas/Holiday gifts must take place by October 31st at the very latest in order to make sure you can place your order by my November 15th holiday order deadline.  So go ahead and book your session now and get it ON your calendar and OFF your to-do list! 🙂

Credit: Photography by David Tsay; styling by Matthew Gleason via HGTV

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