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what NOT to wear…{New Orleans baby photographer}

Choosing clothing for your session is such a critical part of preparation, whether your kiddos are going to be stomping around in puddles or reading a book on an antique chaise.  There are so many different options, so many different styles — but whatever your taste, some basic rules always apply.  So instead of highlighting a particular line of clothing in this post, I thought I’d go over what not to wear…

1.  No pinstripes or seersucker.  While I adore pinstripes and seersucker, they do not photograph well at all.  In fact, they create a distracting, psychedelic thing going on in the photos, especially the unique texture of seersucker.  Solids are best unless we’ve discussed a particular “look” (for example, a “vintage summer-y light” look) that I’ll use color to help me create.  (We’ll discuss the look you’re hoping to achieve at your pre-session consultation.)  And if your kiddo just needs to wear stripes, a good rule of thumb is they should be at least an inch’s width apart.

2.  No gingham or small plaid.  Again, same principle: the tiny print does not translate well in black and white, and even in color, it can be distracting.

3. No bishop dresses.  I know some mommies love them, but they are very overwhelming in photos.  They make your sweet little girl look like a linebacker.

4. If you’re ordering something from Etsy, send me a link to it so I can let you know whether it will work or not.  There are some beautiful artists selling gorgeous items on the site, but there are also a LOT of poorly-made, cheap-looking items (whose photos might be misleading).  I’m happy to take a look before you purchase it!

Remember, less is more.  This simple onesie was perfect for both the black and white images and the color images from little Ryan’s session.  And as always, if you’d like me to help you choose the perfect clothing for your session, I’m happy to help you find the perfect look!

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