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anson, catherine & emmeline…{New Orleans children’s photographer}

This is one of my favorite types of sessions to do: just go over to a home and photograph the kids doing what they do.  Playing, crying, dancing, putting on makeup, clinging to mama, doing puzzles, reading books, hoarding toys in the top shelf of the dollhouse, hiding, storming off in a huff, snacking, compromising, choreographing a performance, climbing, hugging… the list goes on and on, always full of surprises.  And you can be sure that with three girls, each with strong and independent personalities, you’re going to have some drama.  It’s just par for the course!  I’m the oldest of 3 kids (2 girls and a boy), and I distinctly remember throwing regular fits for the most inconsequential reasons — like my brother got the middle cinnamon roll in the pan and I wanted it (ONLY because he asked for it).  I FEAR giving birth to a mini-me one day.  It’ll be payback for all the gray hairs I gave my mama.  And let me just pause and give some extra props to parents of three or more: it’s nothing like one or two, and I’m always impressed, especially by moms (or dads!) who stay home with the kids.  That is a LOT of kid-time, and a LOT of self-sacrifice, especially for moms who loved their careers before they became parents.  You go, girls!!!

These girls’ mama, Ashley of nolaParent fame, was convinced that the session was a disaster and we didn’t “get anything”.  I always say: I won’t leave until I’ve gotten what I wanted, and if everyone completely melts down and it’s not salvageable (which is rare), I’ll come back and we’ll try again.  Between Anson taking a break because she “wanted to be alone” (I hear ya, kid!), Catherine compromising on the tutu costume she wanted to wear (half the session in that and half in mama’s choice of clothing), and Emmeline realizing that Mama wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t a babysitter, we got some beautiful shots of each girl.  Being themselves.  LOVE them!  Ashley, I hope you do, too!

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