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newborn dax…{New Orleans newborn photographer}

Look at this gorgeous little man!!!  He’s a star potty-er without his diaper on, as dad, dad’s shirt and shoes, the rug in the bedroom, and a wrap and blanket backdrop can attest.  Which is fabulous because we know he’s healthy!  I’ve gotten to know parents Tara and Josh (and their fabulous families) through their maternity session and then the birth of this little guy a week ago.  They are some great people, I feel so lucky that they picked up one of my cards and gave me a call!  Dax is the spittin’ image of his mama, but he’s pretty laid back like dad.  Tara showed me a picture of herself as a newborn, and seriously, that pic and the ones of Dax could be interchangeable.  EXACT same lips, eyes, face shape, nose, hair, even the exact same dimple in the exact same spot on the cheek.  It’s amazing!  But inside, he’s daddy, and he cooperated beautifully for every shot except some we tried to do in a basket, which he just decided he wasn’t going to do and that was that.  But then we went outside with the carriage, and he was back to happy and asleep.  I love him!  And doesn’t Tara look ridiculously amazing for having just given birth?  (Though she looked amazing while she was actually GIVING birth, so I wasn’t surprised!)  I love the Bonpoint hat, which I brought and used for the first time with Dax, and the adorable burlap crown that Tara had ordered from Etsy.  I had never seen one made of burlap before, and I LOVE the shabby chic feel!

Hangin’ on Mama like a tree frog!!!

Already getting irritated with too many kisses from Mama at once!  (Just kidding, he nursed right after this shot!)

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