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dax’s birth day…{New Orleans birth photographer}

Baby Dax was snug as a bug in a rug, and did not want to come out into the Big, Bright, Loud Unknown…but once he committed to the idea, he was outta there!  It took mom Tara 21 hours to get from 3 cm to 10, but then it seemed like she pushed for just a few minutes before we saw a head, and then Dax was here!  She labored beautifully, and dad Josh provided calm, steady encouragement and support.  (He’s a nurse, so that was quite convenient when a BP cuff came undone or something needed to be adjusted!)  It was really such a calm, peaceful labor and delivery.  Tara’s doctor was fabulous, and her nurse was a family friend who stayed after her shift to assist.  Dax also had both grandmothers and both aunts on mama’s side there to see his arrival, so while the delivery room was crowded, it was extra special!  He had the most hair I’ve ever seen on a newborn — while he was in the nursery getting his first bath, the nurse could actually comb it!  He looks exactly like his gorgeous mama, but I’m betting he’s got his dad’s laid-back personality.  I’ll find out in a few days when I get to see him again for his newborn session!  For now, enjoy a little preview of Dax’s birth day.  I’m working on an extra-special Images and Interview DVD for this birth, and I can’t wait for it to be ready for everyone to see… stay tuned!

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