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my new, exclusive product: Images and Interview DVD by Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography…{New Orleans photographer}

This idea came to me after seeing some of these “spots” a photojournalist friend in Paris produced, and then producing some myself when I was working in Africa. I altered the layout a bit to suit what I do now, but the idea is the same:  telling a story in your own words, set to a slideshow of still images.  It evokes a completely different emotional response than a moving audio/visual product.  I guide you through the interview, especially encouraging the personal and unique details that make your story yours, and then leave your home to edit your interview down to just your voice, just your story.  As far as I know, no one else offers this product, certainly not in the New Orleans area, and that’s something I wanted to offer my clients: something completely original, something that they would cherish for generations, and something that cannot be copied or reproduced.  I would have loved to have something like this from the time that my mama was pregnant with me!  So many of these little details either change in your mind or completely fade away as time passes; with the Images and Interview DVD, they are preserved forever, not just for you, but for your children and grandchildren.  I can imagine Brooke, the mommy in this story, giving this as a gift to her daughter Vera when Vera is pregnant with her first child…

I’m working on a second idea now, an Images and Interview story that incorporates interviews with Mom, Dad, Big Sister and Big Brother, talking about their favorite memories from the youngest baby’s first year and how they’ve adjusted to being a family of five.  I am loving this project — kids say the craziest, funniest, best things, and I’m getting it on tape (audio tape, that is!) to preserve for Baby when she’s old enough to listen.  Mom and Dad chime in with Baby’s first word, when she hit certain first year milestones, etc. etc… Well, you get the idea: this Baby will never doubt how much she’s cherished!  Stay tuned…

To see “Waiting for Vera Gray” in low resolution on my Facebook business page, please click here.

To see it in higher resolution on YouTube, please click here.

To learn more about the process, or to commission your own Images and Interview story, please visit

And because no post is complete without at least one photo, here’s my favorite shot from Brooke, Scott and Vera Gray’s maternity session…

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