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hartley’s 1st birthday party…{New Orleans party photographer}

Miss Hartley is ONE, and since we started her Baby’s First Year package at her 4 month session, we added her birthday party in as her 4th session —  and I’m so glad we did!  I knew Hartley’s mama Nikki would do an amazing job with the party and everything would be gorgeous, but I also knew it would be fun, too.  I don’t ever think a party is any fun unless the hosts/hostesses are laid back and having a good time themselves rather than stressing over every little thing…and Nikki can plan everything down to the tiniest detail and still make it look easy and fun.  There was something for everyone at Hartley’s Birthday Brunch: fruit and mini-pancakes for the babies, a cereal bar for the kiddos, and snacks and drinks for the grown-ups.  The Birthday Bebe herself slept through the first bit, but it was her party, and she could nap if she wanted to!  Nikki, I know you must have worked really hard to pull everything together so flawlessly, and it totally paid off.  I had a great time visiting with you guys and catching up with college friends (Nikki and I are sorority sisters from Southern Miss), and most of all, I have loved watching your gorgeous baby girl grow.  The first birthday is always bittersweet, I know, so I hope these photographs will help you remember and cherish all the details…before we know it, we’ll be doing her 18 month session!

Cereal bar…

Fun for the grown-ups…

Sleepy face, just awake from her nap…

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