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camille at 4 months…{New Orleans baby photographer}

Little Miss Camille is the most lovable baby ever, with her chubbiness, her adorable nose, her dark blue eyes, and just look at that hair!  In her newborn preview post I wished that she would keep all her hair for her next session, and I got my wish!  She’s so adorably chunky, I had to take some close-ups of her chubby elbow dimples and her fat cheeks and hands as she tries to hold her bottle.  She’s such a good baby, all smiles unless she’s hungry, and then a bottle of mama’s milk fixes her right up.  She had the most adorable shoes and bathing suit set — Mama, Shelby the Babysitter, and I were freaking out because Camille  was so cute as a 40’s sunbather!!!  She’s a fantastic sleeper, in fact she was still napping when I arrived for this session — so I visited with her babysitter while we waited for Mama to come home on her lunch break, and then for Miss Camille to stir and let us know she was awake and ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille…

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