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Spring Petite Portrait Sessions with Baby Pygmy Goats and a Mini-Bunny!!! {New Orleans mini-session photographer}

Hi all!  This year I was lucky enough to find, at the last minute, baby pygmy goats who are bottle fed!  So…I couldn’t resist the opportunity to offer my little clients some bottle time with these sweet babies!  We’ll also have my very own mini-bunny on hand, who loves to be fed clover and carrots.  If your kiddos love animals, come see us on March 21st!!!

What:  Petite Portrait Sessions, 20 minutes long, with baby goats and a mini-bunny

When:  March 21st, at 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, and 5 pm

Where: private garden in New Orleans

Who: for any kiddos who love (and can be gentle with!) baby animals!  And for moms who want Spring pictures that are NOT with the mall Easter Bunny. 😉

The reservation fee is $250 and includes a $150 print credit.  If you’d like to book, email now!

brand new year, brand new LOGO! {New Orleans photographer}

After a loooooong hiatus on the blog, we’re finally back!  We’ve been SOOO busy creating beautiful portraiture for families since our last post in July, we got too busy to blog!  So we’re hiring additional help so that we can manage it all. 🙂  The next few posts are going to let you in on all the new things going on at Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography!  First off, you’ll see a new look to our site, blog, and marketing materials.  We hired the amazing Katie Loerts of Katie Loerts Design to create a new interpretation of our brand. The most important thing I wanted the new design to convey were our standards of simple and timeless beauty and our commitment to excellence.  I think Katie’s design beautifully illustrates these principles!

The new logo was just one part of the many new things we are doing at the studio to refine both our craft and the way we do business.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality images, experience and products, and we will continue to invest in every area to provide that.  This year, we have invested in enlarging our studio space, a new continuous lighting system for the studio that newborns and babies prefer to strobe (flash) lighting, our new brand look, remodeling our studio viewing space, and an amazing private mentoring class with the world-renowned Julia Kelleher of Jewel Images.  I traveled to Oregon to spend several inspiring days with Julia and some model newborns in Julia’s lovely studio so that I could bring back such timeless, beautiful studio newborn portraiture to the heart of New Orleans.  More on that later!  For now, please enjoy our new look and new logo!



Would you like to chat about a session for your family?  Call 504.421.4130 or visit our contact page at!

john robert’s sno-ball session!!! {New Orleans children’s photographer}

Isn’t this guy SO adorable?!  He prefers ice cream to sno-balls, but once he figured out the texture change, he got into the sno-ball. 🙂  I’ve photographed him since he was in his mama’s belly, and I can’t believe he’s so grown up already!  His 2-year-old session is just around the corner!!  I love his big smile, but he also has the most beautiful solemn face…check out the last heart-stopping image!!


preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7 preview8 preview9 preview10

the m family’s sno-ball mini!!! {New Orleans family photographer}

This sweet family of BEAUTIFUL girls came over to Hansen’s with me for a Sno-Ball Mini-Session, and since summer is winding down, I thought I’d post about a favorite summer treat!  It was loads of fun, with big sister Ava being her sweet, silly, sassy self; Zaina being ecstatic about life, which is amazingly how she ALWAYS is; and Sareena loving the sno-balls and hoarding them to herself!  It was hilarious.  We just looked over and Sareena had them ALL!  Thanks for bringing the girls for a treat with me, Ayesha and Aaron!














twins leo and isabella are 4 months old! {New Orleans twins photographer}

I cannot get over how much these twins have changed since their newborn session 4 months ago…they are still the most BEAUTIFUL babies, with the creamiest skin and head-fulls of dark hair!  Isabella is still petite, and Leo is gonna be a big guy, I think.  I seriously did not want to give them back to their mama and nanny after the session.  I just wanted to hold them all day!!!

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4

isabella is 2 years old! {New Orleans child photographer}

Sweet Bella is TWO years old, and still one of my favorite kiddos ever!  She can jump very high, and twirl, and RUN!  She is very generous with kisses, and when she runs to me to give me a hug it melts my heart every time.  I LOVE HER!!!

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7

big boy eli…{New Orleans child photographer}

Little Eli is such a sweet little guy, and I’ve been photographing him since he was in his mama’s belly.  He’s so expressive, and has been since he was a newborn!  His mama is one of my favorite people in the world to sit and chat with, I wish we didn’t both work so much!  🙂

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview6 preview7 preview8

waiting for penelope… {New Orleans maternity photographer}

Big sister Lea was turning two, and baby sister Penelope was nearly on her way into the world for this session!  It was a beautiful session with one of my favorite families, and this time they had a second pup to add to the mix.  Lea was one of my very first Baby’s First Year babies when I opened my studio just before she was born — she was a tiny newborn and is still the most adorably petite little girl!  I hope she never grows too big. 🙂  Look for newborn Penelope on the blog soon!

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7 preview8

newborn clementine… {New Orleans newborn photographer}

Sweet, petite Clementine had a beautiful newborn session, complete with grandparents and aunt!  Whenever family is present, I always like to ask if they’d like to take a picture with baby.  I think it’s so important to include family whenever possible, and I LOVE multi-generational photographs.  I used to spend hours as a child going through old family photo albums, and I think that’s part of the reason I opened my studio — to create such treasured items for other families.  Little Clementine has a family full of love, and I know she will treasure these photographs when she’s grown, especially the ones with her Grandpa and her aunt, because I think from watching them with her that she’ll have a very special relationship with both of them.  So sweet!


preview1 preview2 preview3 preview6 preview7 preview8 preview9 preview10 preview11 preview12 preview13 preview14 preview15 preview16

Nursing Mini-Sessions!!!

Last year’s Nursing Mini-Sessions were such a hit, we’re making them an annual affair!  If you have a breastfeeding little one and you’d like some tender and beautiful images of this bonding time between you and your baby, have a look at the details below and give us a call to book!

What:  Nursing Mini-Sessions

Who: you and your nursing little one

When:  Saturday, August 9th at 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30

Where:  City Park, where we’ll have three different set-ups to choose from and you can nurse in the most comfortable and natural position for you and your little one

What to wear:  solid colors (and obviously, a top that’s easy to nurse in!)

The mini-session fee of $250 includes a $200 credit towards a wall print or gift print package, a 25-minute mini-session, a pre-session phone consultation, and an in-studio ordering appointment within 2 weeks of your mini-session!

Give us a call now — we can’t wait to see you!  🙂

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